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find useful, they are likely to pass it along and
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spread the word. If that media happens to be linked back to your web presence in some way, the results are a new influx of potential customers. Viral promotion can be as simple as a text message or as complicated as an online game but will ultimately be enhanced by a social network.

Community Social networks focus on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail and instant messaging services. Some social networking sites feature large databases such as
which are useful for searching friends and making new contacts.

Optimize your content and think about how your titles will be searched. It is better not to be quirky or use plays on words for a journalistic approach…it will not spider well (see happy spider guy in box below for definition).  Your content should be succinct, reader-focused and “spider web friendly.”

Blogs  Some of the most ambitious corporate blogging campaigns have been primarily aimed at B2B uses. Microsoft and Sun, which between them have about 10,000 corporate bloggers, use this tool to reach developers, business customers and prospective employees.  The blogs are easily searchable and they allow readers to pose questions to the best sources of information in the industry.

Among other B2B companies that are using blogs effectively are Emerson Process Management, the New York Stock Exchange, Marriott, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boeing and Accenture, to name just a few.  You won’t find a lot of playful
repartee and trivia contests here.  These blogs are intended to communicate useful information and reinforce their authors and their companies as
Web 1.0 applications are the web sites we have all come to know and feel comfy with.  These sites are controlled by the developer, viewed by the reader and interactivity is largely limited to…shopping! Let’s compare and contrast this “brochure of the internet” with the next exciting and dynamic generation of internet applications that is Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 describes the changing trends of internet technology that aim to enhance creativity, communications and information sharing.  These app’s are social networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, and blogs and most of us have some experience with them.  We have already visited sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and YouTube and many times at the recommendation of a friend’s email message or text message. These Web 2.0 sites feature content added by the users as opposed to the developers and have led to the evolution of web culture communities.  The lines have now become blurred between developer and user.

These communities are hot venues for targeted advertising, providing click-thru opportunities that take viewers to the websites of businesses and services.  For example… on Facebook it is not unusual for an older member to see banner and skyscraper ads for credit lines and cheap airfares while teens will see online universities and acne treatments.  These new trends are “way” interesting!

Social Media Marketing…
getting engaged

Successful marketing through social media venues takes research, strategizing and ultimately choosing the right tactics with which to reach, engage and ultimately motivate your customers.  Here are some ways and means for your consideration:

Viral advertising (no, not germ warfare) refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social
networks to increases brand awareness and sell products. If you create media that people enjoy or
authorities in their fields. If you have a blog, you should make sure you change your information as often as possible and respond to all those who respond to your blog to build your community.

Track Yourself  It is important to keep abreast of what is written about you (including photographs!) on social networks.  Did you know that today, most HR departments will seek you out on Facebook and other networks to learn more about you?  You never know what embarrassing blogs, photos or even videos might show up that provides “TMI” about you to your students, prospective employers, clients, etc.  Of course, in addition to being aware, be selective about what you put out there about yourself.

With Web 2.0 apps, not only can you grow your client base, you just might make some new friends or find some old ones in the process!

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