Web Site Study               by Deborah Tirico

After interviewing the client, we learned she was a physical therapist in private practice and had never had a web site. We provided an estimate and once that was approved we went right to work creating a site map and design of the home page for her to review. This allowed the client to approve the site design visually and also to understand how it would be navigated by visitors.

The client’s practice is a holistic approach to physical therapy which led us to designing this site using soft, natural colors to contrast with the colors of her existing logo. Since the focus of this site is the client’s “hands-on” capabilities, a facilities photo was not included on the home page. Rather, we chose an image that communicates growth and health. Understanding that the client works with babies and has a focus on pediatric craniosacral therapy, the image that we chose for the home page was that of a sprout growing straight and tall.

The menu design was deliberately located in the bottom right near the image, allowing the eye to easily find it. Using a mouseover with traditional flyouts to the right, the menu allows a visitor to view all of the site’s information directly from the home page with only one click.

In addition to the site, we suggested the client create a Face Book presence which we have linked to the home page with a FB icon and we also encouraged the client to blog, which we also added. These two items are critical to the optimization of the site.

Once the site and blog were up and running we began to optimize the site’s meta tags, alt tags and title tags with pertinent keywords describing the professional services as well as the location. We searched for links that would help to improve the optimization of the site.

Once completed, the site was 10 pages total, including the blog. The photos and copy were provided by the client and provided. The agency worked on design and programming, including optimization. The entire project took under 6 weeks.


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Project Details

  • Previous web site: none
  • Site design, programming, optimizing cost: $3,800.00
  • Hosting: (including up to 10 email addresses)
  • $30 per month
  • Timeframe: under 6 weeks