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Bringing Home the Bacon  by Deborah Tirico
Giada DeLaurentiis
Cooking has become entertainment and the advent of  celebrity chefs and cooking reality shows like Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen have given advertisers enormous opportunities for sponsorship, product placement and advertising in a variety of media venues. Between the internet, cable channels, network channels … and of course the Food Network, people can learn to cook, find specialty ingredients and easily shop for food.  Today one can actually do their grocery shopping online and have the order delivered to the house … so much for the milkman.

My life changed dramatically when the food channel was launched in 1993.  By 1995 my husband was a Food Network junkie and self proclaimed chef. I must agree we began to eat much better meals.  Giada, Rachael Ray, Paula Deane and the Barefoot Contessa have seduced him into the kitchen and made him an expert on reductions, searing, and the importance of buying “fresh”. He wants to “stuff” everything and has managed to stuff pork chops, artichokes, peppers and pasta while I fret about my waistline.

Apparently Giada uses two 32-ounce cans of tomato sauce everyday … geez, no wonder my husband loves her.
Bobby Flay
The Food Network's female fans swoon over Bobby Flay's Southwestern cooking. He hosts Throwdown!, Boy Meets Grill and The Next Food Network Star.
Wolfgang Puck earns $16 million a year with the ritzy Los Angeles restaurant Spago and about 15 other fine-dining brands,
Top earning celebrity chefs according to Forbes
1. Rachael Ray: $18 million
2. Wolfgang Puck: $16 million
3. Gordon Ramsay: $7.5 million
4. Nobu Matsuhisa: $5 million
5. Alain Ducasse: $5 million
6. Mario Batali: $3 million
7. Paula Dean: $4.5 million
8. Tom Colicchio: $2 million
9. Bobby Flay: $1.5 million
10. Anthony Bourdain: $1.5 million
Emeril Lagasse
Among popular celebrity chefs there is no one more famous than Emeril Lagasse. Who can forget his signature phrases “Kick it up a notch” and “BAM”?. The "Emeril Empire" of media, products and restaurants generates an estimated $150 million annually in revenue. In addition to being a famous
Rachael Ray
celebrity chef Emeril has restaurants in 5 states, best selling cookbooks and a wide range of Emeril branded products. In February 2008, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia acquired the rights to all Emeril products including
Paula Deen
pinup girl
including Chinois, Cut and the Source, and he also sells sandwiches to airport travelers at Wolfgang Puck Express. He's got bistros in suburbia, soups in the grocery aisle and cutlery on the Home Shopping Network.

Rachael Ray may not have gone to culinary school but she certainly knows how to build a brand. She won audiences with catch phrases like "EVOO" (for extra-virgin olive oil) on her first Food Network show, 30 Minute Meals, in 2001. The rest is history and she currently boasts about 2.6 million viewers on her network gig... Yum-O.

cookware, cookbooks, television shows and food products in a $50 million agreement. Yikes …. Who knew there could be so much dough in cooking.

Paula Deen, the queen of Southern cuisine, serves up butter-soaked casseroles and motherly charm on two Food Network shows. Her two red frying pans appeared in my kitchen one day and I knew ... that night dinner would not be low calorie.

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